Installation, Maintenance and Refurbishment of all makes and models of fluid control equipment

  • Safeguard your capital investment
  • Reduce your overall operating costs
  • Maintain the performance of your capital equipment
  • Improve your planning and financial control

Ham Baker Adams Installations is a division of Ham Baker Adams; a name now instinctively associated with high quality precision engineering.

We offer a full installation and commissioning service to ensure that all installations are highly accurate and free from distortions. This allows our customers to experience the true durability, strength, and long-term performance of our products.

Site Surveys – To provide accurate specification of the
most appropriate and cost effective equipment.

Installation and Commissioning
– Ensure the correct
installation and commissioning of all Ham Baker products

• Penstocks and ancillary products
• Pipe work and valve systems
• Electrical wiring and terminations

We can undertake Hot Drilling and Tapping of live
In addition we can also install and commission penstocks
and ancillary products supplied by other providers.

Project Management
– Full project management from
specification to commissioning.

Site Supervision
– Worldwide supervision of the client’s
own labour to ensure correct installation of equipment.

Risk Assessment – Ensure compliance with Health and
Safety Legislation and suitable safety measures are put in
place for ongoing maintenance.

Service Programmes – A range of service programmes
designed to suit your specific requirements.
Breakdown – An emergency service to deal with an
unexpected mechanical breakdown of equipment.

Of course, once installed we also understand that correct maintenance can further optimise our customers’ initial investment, minimise their overall operating costs, and ensure correct long-term performance; which is why we also offer tailored maintenance programmes which are designed to specifically meet our customers’ operational and service needs.

We have products still in practical working order after over 100 years of continuous service, as well as an archive of project designs and records from the very earliest days of the Company; all of which means that we are able to supply the correct spares and services to equipment of all ages.

Our staff are all trained to the highest level, with all relevant certification, and all of our services are covered by our BS EN ISO 9001:2008 quality certification.

Site Surveys – To ensure we specify the most
appropriate and cost effective refurbishment of existing

– We have an extensive archive of
information going back over many years so we can
ensure that all refurbishment of Ham Baker Flow Control
equipment is carried out correctly using OEM parts.

Project Management
– Full project management from
specification to commissioning of refurbished equipment.
Ancillary Equipment – The mechanical refurbishment of
ancillary equipment on treatment plants and other sites.

Fastrack – A range of standard spares for an emergency
breakdown despatched within 48 hours.

HB Certified
– Quality spares manufactured under our
BS EN ISO 9001:2008 system to guarantee the continued
long-term performance of your equipment. Using our
project records which go back over many years we can
help to ensure that the correct spare is supplied.


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