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Ham Baker Flow Control and Adams Hydraulics merge to become Ham Baker Adams - October 1st 2010.
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With a system installed in almost every country in the world Ham Baker Adams are justly recognised as the global leader in the production of high quality flow control equipment.

That’s because we offer the most extensive product range of penstocks and valves in the industry. World class products, backed by an experienced service team, dedicated to providing our customers with a complete range of flow control solutions. All supported with an ongoing commitment to quality, research and development.

As a major player in water and waste water management for well over a hundred years, we’ve constantly developed and improved the products and services we offer. Our experience in design and manufacture of penstocks and valves is second to none (some of our products are still working efficiently more than 90 years after we installed them). Which means we can provide a range of solutions plus a level of customer support that’s unmatched in the industry.

Our penstocks, for example, are manufactured not only in traditional cast-iron, but also stainless-steel and durable Coplastix®. Just one illustration of how we can offer flexible solutions for every need, whatever the size of the budget, or however demanding the specification.

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